Mo Ardebili, PE


CEO / SR. Principal

Mo Ardebili, P.E. is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of ESD. Since its inception in 1988, Mo has focused on the field of engineering and the benefits to both the client and the environment. As the first ASHRAE Certified CPMP (Commissioning Process Management Professional) in Arizona, he continues to be a pioneer in total building solutions. Still today, Mo provides visionary leadership for the firm. His special expertise in designing complicated mechanical systems has been sought by clients. He firmly believes that design excellence is built upon a client-focused approach, a requirement that Mo defines as becoming a "Client Advocate" -- insuring the client's interests throughout the project.

Mo received a mechanical engineering degree from Iowa State University. As early as junior high, Mo knew that he would work and create in the field of mechanical engineering. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, boating in the bay, and sharing free time with his grandchildren.

Monte Sturdevant, PE

Certified Energy Manager (CEM)


Monte Sturdevant, P.E. has extensive knowledge and experience designing and managing a wide variety of mechanical systems for public and private clients. As President of ESD, Monte's mantra of finding a "win-win" solution has sustained long-term client relationships. He is a natural consensus builder and expertly cultivates design teams. Monte's CEM (Certified Energy Manager) designation plays a key role in reaching our goals for efficiency in design.

Monte graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, and skiing.

Tom Valentino, PE



Tom Valentino, P.E. has more than 50 years of engineering experience and embodies the definition of a renaissance man — one who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. As a mentor for the mechanical design team, Tom promotes forward thinking and strategic evaluation of system options and alternatives. His wisdom and attentive project management approach supports the organizational values.

Tom is a graduate from Cleveland State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He is a world traveler and holds a special bond with the Italian countryside.

Henry Melcher, PE


Principal, Director of TX Office

Henry Melcher, P.E. is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience and recently earned the position of Principal and Director or our new Austin, TX location. As Director, he will oversee the office and additionally manage and support business development activities, such as serving as the point of contact for our three disciplines, plan and guide initiatives as they relate to internal operations, and external relationships.

Henry has gained valuable project management experience on healthcare, commercial, educational, public sector, and major central plant projects for ESD. Mr. Melcher’s dedication to a project is easily recognized by his consistent follow-up and prompt problem solving while making sure that each client is furnished the information and deliverables on time.

Halleh Landon, PE



Halleh Landon, P.E. joined ESD in 1999 and has become an enthusiastic leader that is authentic and passionate about her work. In all of her interactions, she exudes a presence that rubs off on our business and culture. She leads by example because she loves what she does - it’s her way of life. Her insightfulness is inherent much like her generosity and humble nature.

Ms. Landon’s background includes over 20 years of electrical design with specialization in building systems and controls including the layout of electrical service/distribution for power, lighting, and communications. It is her mission to educate our Clients and staff about the importance of energy efficient design and its impact on energy consumption and environmental sustainability. Ms. Landon’s project management strengths stem from her organizational skills in tracking project details.

Ali Ardebili, PE



Ali Ardebili, P.E. has a background including over 16 years of mechanical design with a specialization in design of HVAC equipment for both new and renovation/upgrade projects. He has provided mechanical design services on projects for restaurants, elementary schools, high schools, universities, libraries, offices, tenant improvements and municipal buildings, as well as central plants.

Ali is recognized at ESD for his significant contributions to strengthen and grow ESD’s clientele, develop and maintain strong relationships, mentor our staff and expand technical capabilities into new areas.