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Mechanical Engineering

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning:       

  • Central Plants
    • Chilled Water
    • Heating Water
    • Steam
    • Condenser Water
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Distribution Piping Systems
  • Chilled Beam
  • Displacement Air System
  • "Mission Critical" Designs
  • Integrated Laboratory Fume Hood and Environmental Control Design
  • System Control and Building Management Systems
  • Clean Room Design
  • Geo Thermal
  • Energy Recovery
  • Pollution Control
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Thermal Storage
our services

Plumbing Engineering

Plumbing Design:

  • Domestic Water Systems (and treatment)
  • Sanitary and Rainwater Drainage Systems
  • Water Heating
  • Fuel Gas Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Process Piping Systems and Equipment
    • Compressed Air
    • Vacuum
    • High Purity Water (i.e. DI/RO)
  • Medical Gases
  • Chemical Drainage
  • Water Conservation Features

Fire Protection Design:

  • Sprinkler and Stand Pipe Systems
  • Pre-Action/Dry Pipe Systems
  • Clean Agent
  • Fire Pump Installation
  • Storage Tanks
  • AFFF (Foam)

Electrical Engineering

Lighting Systems:

  • Computerized Modeling of Lighting Systems
  • Daylight and Automatic Lighting Controls
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Design
  • Sports Lighting Design
  • Industrial and Special Applications
  • Lighting Controls and Interface with Dimming Systems or EMS Systems
  • Site Lighting LEED and Dark Sky Compliance

Power Systems:

  • Building Electrical Systems Assessment
  • Power Distribution - 600V and below, 5 and 15kV
  • Conditioned Power Distribution Systems
  • UPS System Design
  • Emergency Power, Paralleling Systems and Load Shedding
  • Site Utilities
  • Fault, Arc Flash and Coordination Studies
  • Lightning protection
  • Load analysis
  • Metering
  • Power conditioning
  • Protective Relaying

Special Systems:

  • Fire Alarm/Life Safety Systems
  • Health Care Systems (including Nurse Call)
  • Building Paging and Sound Systems

Energy Retrofit and Building Audits:

  • Lighting/Motor Energy Audits
  • Utility Rebate Analysis
  • Existing Condition Audits (Due Diligence)


We pride ourselves in ensuring that the engineering systems and equipment are designed, installed, are performing and will continue to perform to meet the Customer's requirements. ESD has provided commissioning services for numerous projects including LEED certified projects. The Commissioning process can be basic or comprehensive, and can be provided for new or existing buildings. During the commissioning process ESD will lead collaboration with the contractors from the beginning of the construction phase to create a Commissioning Plan document, which includes: 

  • Installation and Operational Checklists
  • Interdiscipline Prerequisite and Coordination Activities
  • Equipment and Systems Start-up Procedures
  • Multi-Phase Testing Procedures
  • Identification of Primary Responsible Persons
  • Witness Equipment Testing at the Factory
  • Performance Verification Procedures - for all expected events and modes of operation
  • Training Procedures and Identification of Required Participants
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Milestone Dates - coordinated with the general contractor's construction schedule

In addition, during the Commissioning Process ESD will:

  • Witness and verify performance of Commissioning Plan tasks and testing procedures, and related documentation.
  • Coordinate and participate in systems interactions and performance verification procedures.
  • Review operational and maintenance manuals.
  • Participate in training facilities operating personnel.
  • Prepare a Commissioning Report, which documents the results of all activities, and which indicates operational compliance with the systems design intent and the Customer's requirements.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

ESD and BIM Engineering Software:

ESD uses the latest and most advanced 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. BIM is classified into five Levels of Development (LOD), 100 through 500. The range reflects the depth of design; LOD 100 is considered conceptual design while LOD 500 corresponds to detailing as-built conditions. ESD's typical designs reflect an LOD 300 or LOD 400 with the capabilities to design to LOD 500. Primarily working in Revit, we utilize this intuitive engineering tool to allow for complete 3D coordination of all trades during the design phase. Building owners, architects and engineers all have access to a rendered model to see the finished product before construction even begins. ESD also provides Building Energy Modeling (BEM) as a specialty service.

Design Phase Benefits:      

  • Interference detection between all trades, allowing for more accurate coordination.
  • File sharing, allowing more detailed coordination between architect and engineer.
  • Maximum use of available spaces above and below ceilings.
  • 3D rendering of conceptual and finished design for better visualization of the space.
  • Quick and easy production of building sections, 3D views, and elevations for all involved trades.
  • Integrated heating and cooling load calculation, which detects changes in electrical and architectural design.

Construction Phase Benefits:      

  • Minimizing coordination mistakes to reduce surprises in the field.
  • Coordinated spaces, allowing better clearances for equipment maintenance.
  • Installation per intended design.
  • Quicker decision making to reduce construction and equipment delivery time.
  • A more efficient project overall, saving time and cost, thus creating greater client satisfaction.


BIM: View 11
BIM: Central Plant Towers Filters
BIM: DLR Chillers with piping

Building Energy Modeling (BEM)

ESD uses building energy modeling software to predict the energy consumption and operating costs of facilities. We use this software to determine the most energy efficient design for a new or renovated facility, to demonstrate compliance with local energy code requirements, to determine energy savings of the building over a baseline building required for LEED projects and to determine energy savings required for EPACT Tax Deductions.

eQUEST is software developed and distributed freely by the Department of Energy and is based on the DOE-2 engine. HAP is a similar program developed by Carrier Corporation. These programs create a three dimensional representation of a building and calculate the annual energy consumption of the total building and each individual end-use (lighting, heating, cooling, etc.). Our team has used this software extensively to develop energy simulation models for our clients since 2008. 


  • Determine the most energy efficient method design for your facility.
  • Provide input to architects and engineers on the impacts of building construction, lighting and HVAC on energy consumption.
  • Demonstrate local energy code compliance when prescriptive measures can not be met.
  • Calculate energy savings over an ASHRAE baseline building for the LEED Optimize Energy Performance Credit.
  • Determine energy savings of the facility over and ASHRAE baseline building to achieve EPACT Tax Deductions for energy efficient designs.


White Tank Library - Phoenix, AZ

White Tank Library - Phoenix, AZ

Ironwood Hall - Chandler-Gilbert Community College - Phoenix, AZ

Ironwood Hall - Chandler-Gilbert Community College - Phoenix, AZ

Special Systems

Division 25 – Integrated Automation and Controls:

  • Access Control and Security Management Systems
  • Building Automation
  • Life-Safety & Security
  • Security
  • Network Integration
  • Metering
  • Building Monitoring
  • Usage Reports and Analysis

Division 27 – Communications:

  • Data
  • Voice
  • Audiovisual
  • Cabling
  • Distributed Communications and Monitoring Systems

Theater Systems:

  • System Design
    • Lighting
    • Rigging
    • Video
  • Space Needs Assessments
  • Performing Arts Building Design

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